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Teams of Our Lady

“Marriage is a way to holiness”
Father Caffarel (1903-1996)

Our philosophy

How we grow strong in God

Teams of Our Lady is an international movement of conjugal spirituality within the Catholic Church and is made up of couples who believe in the ideal and beauty of Christian marriage.

Each Team is made up of five to seven couples and a Spiritual Director/Priest. Meeting monthly in each other’s homes; Teams provides support and encouragement to the couple in their spiritual journey and daily lives.

The team becomes a close community. The Team couples inspire one another through their living examples of faith, and share with one another their struggles and successes, on their way to holiness. Couples grow in communication and spirituality through life in a team.

Team members strive to live out Endeavours, which assist in their spiritual formation as a couple and individuals. The Endeavours are slowly introduced over the course of many meetings and are easy to incorporate into daily life.


Daily personal, couple and family prayer


Regular reading and reflection on the Bible


Attending an annual retreat as a team


Monthly “sit downs” to discuss spiritual and family matters


Following a personal ‘rule of life’